Even as a little girl, Carla Smith from our Little Rock office always knew she had a special gift when it came to animals. This past summer she was reminded of this in a HUGE way. A sweet mixed breed dog was rescued from a hoarding situation and brought to the Humane Society of Pulaski County. They named him Delaney. He was adopted but ran away from his new family on the very first day. Weeks later, residents of several neighborhoods several miles away began to spot him wandering about. That fall, Carla and her neighbors began keeping track of him by way of their Next-door Neighbor app. They left out food and temporary shelters in an attempt to rescue this sneaky guy. Winter was quickly approaching and they feared for his safety and wellbeing. This dog could not be trapped, lured or baited with special treats. He was extremely afraid of humans, likely due to his treatment early on. Somehow, he survived the extreme cold temps of the winter and settled into traveling between the two vacant lots on each side of Carla’s house. She spent four months talking to him each day from a distance, trying to allow him to get comfortable with her voice, a chance to trust her, and giving him space. He finally began showing signs that he was becoming trusting of her. In the spring, she was gardening and he snuck up beside her and took her phone. She heard a noise behind her and noticed he was playing with the business card holder on the back.

He also began to steal toys, bones, flip flops, solar yard lights, among other things and bringing them to her. One afternoon she came home from lunch and went outside to talk to him, and he came right up to her and put his paw in her hand. She knew at that moment he trusted her and hoped she could continue the progress. A few days later she was home and had opened the back door. Delaney walked right in and jumped on her couch. From that moment on, he has been a member of her household and is right at home. She was able to officially adopt him and he has been making progress day by day learning to trust humans again. She walks him without a leash and always stays right by her side. Animals never cease to warm our hearts with their loyalty and companionship and I know Carla Smith is so thankful that Delaney decided to make her his person.

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