FirstTrust for Kids

FirstTrust Home Loans, Inc. has pledged to give back to communities all across the nation, especially those in the communities we serve. We have a passion for helping children and plan to do so quarterly with the help of our dedicated employees. There is nothing more important to our family-oriented team, than serving those around us. We do it every day in the mortgage industry and have a heart for helping children and want to expand on what we do at a community level.


Taking action

April was month of the Military Child. This quarter we are working with “Our Military Kids”, a non-profit that provides funds to children who have parents that are deployed or who have parents that are recovering from severe injuries sustained in combat. We will donate a portion of our overall profits this quarter to go to these children. We look forward to continuing to give back each quarter and are so excited to start off with the non-profit “Our Military Kids”.

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