Blog 8/15 – Back to school!

And in the blink of an eye Summer is over and we are sending our kiddos back to school. At FirstTrust, family is everything. We love this time of year and asked our employees to share their kids back to school pictures and what they are most looking forward to when it comes to this 2022-2023 school year.

Here are some of our favorite answers:

Gigi Roberts - Underwriting
Reed – 8 3rd grade – playing with friends at recess! Seeing his friends he hasn’t seen this summer.
Luke – 12 7th grade – seeing my friends, school is bad for everything else. (he’s not a fan of school at all)

Amber Moser, MLO NWA
My boys are so excited about their new teachers and cannot wait to see their friends. But I think they are most excited about Football!

Erika Martens, CFO
Kannon, 10 yrs. old, 4th grade- He is super excited to meet his new teacher and for Candy Cart on Fridays.

Shannon Bennet – Underwriting
Lora – Age 13 – 8th grade – Seeing her friends, being able to eat lunch in the new elementary school building instead of walking up the hill to the high school building from the middle school building and being in honors classes.

Dedra Baugh – Loan Systems Administrator
Bebe Baugh, 8.5, 3rd grade – She’s most excited about seeing her friends and about new math problems lol (she’s an only child so I knew friends would be at the top of her list).

Lauren Johnson, MLO
Lyric 5th grade- she is most excited about having a locker this year and changing classes!
Landry Pre-K - she is excited about her friends and the fun art projects.

Carson Ewing – Processing
Reid – 2nd grade. Excited to see all of his friends again

Michelle Rocha - 

Noah Rocha – Age 16 – 10th Grade – Only ready for school because it is football season. He is a beast on the field so we are hoping once he graduates in a few years he will continue to play college football.

We are hoping everyone has a safe and fun year!

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