8 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

8 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

A fresh, decluttered home is soothing and comfortable. Getting it that way after a long, cooped-up winter isn’t any fun. Before you start scrubbing the bathroom tiles and pulling all your clothes out of your closet, it helps to get a little organized up front. Check out our checklist below to make sure your home is prepared for a lovely Spring.


Make sure you have the right equipment

Before you get started cleaning, head over to your local Lowe’s or other big box stores and grab some gloves, mop, large trash bags, and a variety of heavy-duty cleaning products. Don’t forget a few lemons and white vinegar as they both work wonders on dirty surfaces and lingering scents.

Take it a room at a time

You can only be in one place at a time, so trying to spring clean the entire house at once will end up overwhelming you. Work from one end of the house to the other, focusing only on one room at a time.

Wash the windows and curtains

Use a vinegar/water mixture and wash your windows and sills. Take down the curtains and have them washed. Wipe down the curtain rods before hanging everything back up

Scrub the floors (and baseboards)

This is another great use for a vinegar/water mixture, use it to clean your tile or vinyl flooring in your kitchen and bathrooms. Sweep and mop your hardwood floors and use a damp cloth with vinegar water over your baseboards to remove dust and pet hair.

Organize your closets

As daunting as this sounds, taking charge of your possessions and making sure everything is in its rightful place can be a rewarding achievement. You know the drill - throw out old clothes you never wear, buy some storage bags/boxes, group similar items together so you can find them easier. Arrange your clothes and shoes in your bedroom closet and then tackle your linen, coat and hall closets.

Wash your bedding

If your comforter won’t fit in your washer, take them to a laundry service. While they’re gone, flip or rotate your mattresses and wash your sheets. Now’s probably a good time to change out your pillows, too.

Vacuum your dryer

This one is more of a safety tip for your home, but important, nonetheless. Grab the attachment on your vacuum and suck out the vent, the back of your dryer, and all around the bottom.

Clean appliances from the inside out

This one won’t be very popular (or very fun), but your fridge, microwave, oven, and dishwasher need a little love at least once a year. Throw away expired food while you’re at it. If you have a self-cleaning oven, at least that part will be easy.


A refreshed, sparkling clean home will instantly lift your mood and make you feel relieved and stress-free. Planning out ahead of time is important so put these tips into action and get your home ready for Spring!

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