Did Something Go Wrong? We’ll Make it Right!

Did Something Go Wrong? We’ll Make it Right!

No one ever talks about the tough parts of the loan process, but they do exist. Each borrower, loan, and circumstance can range from simple to complex. If it were up to us, we would love to be able to approve every borrower every time, but unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Regardless of complexity, our number one goal here at FirstTrust is to guide our borrowers through an easy, open, and honest loan process. We pride ourselves on being transparent and helpful, even if there are hiccups along the way. Here are some great tips to guide you through your loan process. Following these tips will help avoid some of the most common mishaps and aid in smoothing out any issues along the way. When you are happy, we are happy, and we want to make the mortgage process easy!


  1. Documents, Documents, Documents! It’s no secret a mortgage loan approval requires a lot of documentation. Look over the document checklist provided by your loan officer and in your MortgageStrong mobile app portal and begin gathering those items as soon as possible! You can easily use the MortgageStrong mobile app to securely upload the documents directly to your loan file. It’s that simple! If you choose not to follow the checklist, you’ll end up hearing from your FirstTrust Home Loans team regularly requesting documents for the file. Submitting documentation early in the process is a best practice!
  2. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate! At the beginning of the loan process, share a preferred method of communication. Our teams can text 📱, email 📩, call 📞, send a carrier pigeon 🕊, or meet face to face 👩‍💼👨‍💼. Ok, we really don’t have pigeons, but you get the idea! We want to do whatever works best for you and accommodates your busy schedule. During the loan process, you might feel like information is coming at you from multiple sources. Your dedicated FirstTrust Home Loans team will include at least 2 of our best mortgage professionals to keep communication and points of contact to a minimum.
  3. Qualify, Qualify, Qualify! Maybe your credit or current financial position keeps you from qualifying right away. That’s ok! At FirstTrust, our skilled mortgage professionals still want to help map out a path to qualification. By providing solid advice, we can help keep you move forward in your home loan journey. We will never push you out the door! We want to help you obtain your dream home or refinance your current property, even if it will take some time to get there.

We could spend all day talking more in depth about these common mishaps and ways to avoid them, but the bottom line is that FirstTrust Home Loans is here to help. We aim to close loans quickly and handle any issues up front and in a timely manner. Your time is valuable, and we do not want to waste it! So, what are you waiting for?! Call us today or download our MortgageStrong mobile app to start an application at any time! Let us make the mortgage process easy.

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